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Underwear guide

Are you unsure about which type of panties or underwear to choose? We've created this guide for you, which might help clarify any considerations.

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Thongs often have a low waist and do not cover the buttocks. They are great to wear under tight clothes because they have no visible panty lines. The panty offers no support for the buttocks and highlights the midsection. Tai panties also have a low waist and high leg cuts that make legs appear longer. The panty covers a good part of the buttocks and resembles the classic bikini style the most.

The midi panty has a slightly higher waist than the tai panty and lower leg cuts. Maxi panties or high-waisted panties go all the way up to the waist. They are designed to shape the buttocks, provide support, and flatten the stomach. Maxi panties cover any unevenness on the buttocks. Note that the cut of the panties, which normally goes quite far down, can visually make the thighs appear larger than they are.

As the name suggests, these panties sit on the hips and are perfect under low-waisted pants. They resemble tai panties but have wider sides and a straighter leg cut. Hotpants are a feminine version of men's boxers. The leg cut extends to the upper part of the thigh, providing good coverage while still looking stylish. Many women like to wear hotpants under their workout pants because they avoid the problem of panties riding up or fitting poorly.

These panties have no seams or have flat seams. This means no hem or marks on the waist or over the buttocks. Our seamless panties have a waistband woven into the panty, a flat seam in the crotch, and a narrow stitched elastic in the leg cut, altogether giving you panties that are invisible under clothes.

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Briefs, or men's underwear, are characterized by an elastic waistband, no legs, and a snug fit. They provide support and flexibility whether you're active or sitting for long periods during the day. The fit naturally allows flexibility between the legs and upper body. Many perceive briefs as a bit old-school but they can be the perfect choice for those with muscular thighs because briefs don't bunch up under trousers, minimizing irritation. They are also ideal when wearing a suit as they stay in place and prevent the issue of riding up the thigh, which can cause creases in pants.

Trunks are like tight boxers but with shorter legs and usually a lower waist. This style of underwear is not suitable for sports and workouts.

Also known as boxershorts, these typically have an elastic waistband and a loose fit. Boxers are the most commonly used type of men's underwear. Men with muscular thighs may find that boxers ride up, which can be uncomfortable.

Similar to boxershorts but with longer legs that cover more of the thigh. This is advantageous for those who find that regular boxershorts ride up. They are also great for anyone leading a highly active lifestyle as they provide a comfortable fit without irritation.

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